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At the Peterborough Mortgage offices, our team of skilled agents will get you the best first or second mortgage rates for your home. We understand that buying a home is one of the most important and influential purchases you’ll ever make, so it is highly recommended that you hire the very best professionals for the job. Our specialized team of licensed brokers in Peterborough have extensive experience in getting the job done.

Our team of mortgage experts have years of knowledge and experience and will assist all our clients with different mortgage needs. We work with our clients at a personal level to understand their unique situation to offer the best first or second mortgage options available to them. With our wealth of knowledge, we provide money saving solutions and industry leading customer service for –

  • 2nd Mortgages
  • 1st Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Private Mortgages

We have connections with the best private second mortgage brokers in Peterborough. They can quickly assist you in getting the financial aid you need. Our private lenders will inform you within a matter of minutes if you are approved for a loan. They will finance you regardless of your credit rating since the loans are based purely on the equity in your home. Peterborough Mortgage Broker will offer the best competitive first and second mortgages rates in the industry.

Our team of Mortgage Professionals have helped clients who were in difficult situations when most other mortgage agents would turn them down. All of our team members have the skills to stop evictions, which include both Power of Sale and Foreclosures. The Power of Sale is a common legal tool that is used by most lenders to retrieve money when a borrower goes into default. The time frame for the of Power of Sales process to get completed is just a couple of months, after which the owner is evicted and the house is sold. If you are facing a possible foreclosure, power of sale or eviction from your home? Our team will assist you by working towards replacing all current mortgages. We handle all communication with the lenders lawyer, arrange lawyers for you, assign the best real estate agent to sell the home and file paperwork to postpone the Power of Sale and eviction process. Every Power of Sale or Foreclosure case is different and in order to get a better understanding of what options you have available, give us a call today.

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